Saturday, November 17, 2018

  • Coupled with the YakaVOIP web-based billing solution, we found the complete one-stop shop solution for our business!

    Yuriy V., Director YakiTalki.

  • Ambivalent design and breathtaking sound quality!

    Sama Chifen, CEO BitsValley Ltd.

  • Went into business with YakaSoftware after negotiating the requirements for 45 minutes. I am glad I made that decision!

    I A F Hassan Russel., CEO DivineIT Ltd, Bangladesh

  • Professional and rapid customization process! Our clients value the simplicity in design while we understand the complexity under the hood.

    Siripong P., CIO TT&T, Thailand

  • Easy 3rd Party Integration with our solutions by leveraging the Open Source and modular architecture of Yaka Solutions!

    Dr. Alain P., CIO CTNGroup

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YakaPhone is a simple SIP and IAX/IAX2 based softphone for VOIP telephony.

A softphone is the short term for software telephone. It is also known as an internet telephone and is a piece of software that assumes all the functions of a normal telephone. Analogous to standard phones, which transfer calls through a local exchange, a softphone sends voice from your computer to an internet-based telephony provider which transfers the voice to the receiving party. The telephony service provider is also responsible for sending the remote party’s voice through to your computer so you can carry out a “normal” conversation on your computer with a headset (microphone and speakers).

YakaPhone Development

YakaPhone was developed by Bits Valley Ltd. along it’s line of YakaSoftware products for use with telephony services. You can use it for FREE with any suitable telephony provider you wish. It is Open Source and may be modified but any pre or post modification commercial usage requires prior authorization. See License Agreement for further details.

Yakaphone can also be extended or customized to fit your Cooperate Design (Look and Feel) starting as low as 499,- €.

YakaPhone Features

  • Call Records
  • Noise Reduction
  • Echo Cancellation
  • DMTF touch tones
  • Integrated PhoneBook
  • Voice Activity Detection
  • Microphone and Spreaker levels
  • Multi Platform (Unix, Mac, Win2K)
  • Skinnable Look-and-Feel / Branding
  • Audio Devices Detection
YakaSoftware Joomla based authentication