Saturday, November 17, 2018
YakaSoftware Voice Over IP Solutions

Modular Open Source VOIP Solutions

YakaSoftware focuses on development and customization of Voice over IP solutions tailored for small, meduim and large VOIP deployments.
Planing a VOIP venture? Our Softphone or call management & billing platform can be deployed out of the box or customized to suit the needs.

  • Customizable
    Modular component and plugin architecture for all project categories.
  • Open Source
    Access to all source code for tansparence, quality and investment security.
  • Simple
    Built on tested technologies and frameworks like QT, Joomla and OSGi.
  • It Works!
    Intensive testing to ensure 99.9% uptime with all our software solutions.

All our software is built on a modular architecture that allows you to pick the modules you need, customize and even extend them to suit the business model.

Our clean interface design also allows you to replace our modules with custom built modules that address your specific busniss case or existing business infrastructure.

NOTE: ALL Source Code available for your Investment Security