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YakaPhone for Windows

YakaPhone is free for use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. The installation process invoves a few simple steps:

  • Download and store the installation file at a suitable location on your local computer.
  • Double-Click on the installation file and follow the instructions provided by the installer.
  • Start YakaPhone and configure your telephony provider and your can start making and receiving calls.

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YakaPhone Description


YakaPhone Source Code

YakaPhone can be built from the source code in a few simple steps after obtaining the source code. It should compile on Win2K, Linux and MacOS.

  • Unpack Unpack the source code into a folder of choice
  • Download and install the Qt Framework from Digia.
  • Download and install the IAX Client Library from Digium.
  • Start the Qt Command Prompt and move to the folder were you stored your YakaPhone source files
  • Run make release. If everything goes well, you should find the generated “YakaPhone.exe” in the “release” folder.

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YakaVOIP Billing Solution

YakaVOIP is a ground-up revolutionary Joomla extension, developed to be hugely flexible, versatile and user friendly. It address different complex intefration scenarios and can even work without Joomla in the so-called "headless" mode. Please contact us for a demo or testinstallation to verify if YakaVOIP takes care of your requirements.

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